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It's on the screen where you choose which rectangle has your number. Each block only has one number from the original screen, so they know which one you picked.

It's a mathmatical outcome, result. There's a card thrick that by the third pick of a row the outcome will be the card the person picked. And the person dealing the cards doesn't know diddly. Works every time.
well i had to try it again and it worked so i had to do it one more time worked again :wth:
This one can be done in 2 questions

What color is your number.......

then when it shows the little houses and asks which house, it is showing 1 number from each color. I picked the 3rd house over. I already told it my color was green. The only number that was green in there was there you go.

The rest is smoke 'n mirrors.

Bring on a tough one!!!