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It seems one corner of my basement has been invaded by adult Locust Borers. At first I thought maybe they were carried in with some firewood but after checking it all, I found I have no Locust firewood. Everything I have read on them (internet) sez they only attack locust tree's. Could they/would they have been in a different type of wood?

Or are they leaving the Locust tree's out back and finding shelter from the cold in the house?

Are they gonna destroy my house? Without spraying Sevin in my house what else can I do?
Borers generally do their damage to trees in the larva stage. As adults they don't do much chewing. If they do lay eggs, I don't think the larva would live long because they have very specific nutritional needs. They need the living tree and the sugars which are mostly in the phloem.
You could use the bug bomb Butch recommended for some peace of mind.
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Thanks Mike!! I am pretty "bugged" by this whole ordeal.

Its wierd how they are concentrated to one corner of the basement, actually away from the firewood. I am still wondering if it is a firewood related problem or they just moved in from outside.
That's pretty creepy man, how many bugs are we talking about? An infestation? I'd definetly kill them off with something.
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I have probably killed 20 or so this week. They only appear one at a time.
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They are creepy, they look like this............
Well FFS, I've got more spiders than that living in my basement, they're my first line of defense against a bug invasion.:D
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I am gonna need to get some big spiders to catch these things
Most borers are very specific about their needs. It's kinda like worrying that an Ash borer might attack your Cherry Tree. Not impossible... not likely.
If bugs are creeping you out, figure out how to segregate your fire wood. Cover it, separate it from your living space, fumigate. Whatever.
They say wood burns twice >>> I've always insisted that the energy it takes to burn wood (chop, store, ashes, etc., etc.) will keep you busy enough to never worry about going cold.
I love wood heat !
Wood heat is so worth it in everyway to me. I don't store wood inside anymore right outside the door and just bring a armful or two in a few times a day.