Loader tires boring post


Rockclimber/ treeclimber
Aug 5, 2005
I know my threads are boring as crap.
Anyhow yall help me alot , id post something interesting if anything interesting ever happend to me but alas it doesent .
I do have one suprise picture post coming up but not till october 15:D

So we are replacing the turbo in my 2002 ls 180 steer skid loader and man the tires need replacing bad really bad .
Im riding on old foam pretty much.
They want 200 a tire and anothe 200 to fill the with foam makes umm way heavy.
Im trying to decide what to do any advice?
Im looking at all kinds of supposedly non puncturing tires ect,
I cant really find a deal yet .
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No matter what you put tires on in the long haul you are better to go with good ones rather than cheapies .

Case in point those Michalins on mamma Dars' Caddy lasted over 80 thousand miles .

As far as foam in tires ,well worth it .Poke a hole in equipment tires and let the air out you are dead in water .
the mini loader tires, cost ~ $ 60 to foam fill and $40 a tire.
Spendy little devils, I concurr with Karl