Iron Man/ New Trailer

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11 views, no comments? Ya'll need to install Quicktime orrrrr whut?

I think it's gonna be a great flick. :drink:
Someone needs to keep me posted on when it comes out. No cable TV means it hard to get moive previews like this one if your not looking for them. I can't wait . I hope its better than the X-men Series that what just wrong. And hello for those than don't know me from the buzz. Young arborist looking to stay safe and make some innovation to the industy.
Ive seen the previews for it.

To me it looks about as appealing as Speed Racer.

Besides that, Ive never really cared for Robert Downey Jr.
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I like the D man, he's a damn good actor.

Speed Racer? :what:

I don't think so.
I really like the X-men, sure some parts were funky but a real fun adventure over all.

Iron Man! I am looking forward to it. I hope the movie has alot of details about his suit.
I wish I had repulsers in my hands. I could just show my palm and blow folks away. Wadda traffic stopper!
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I was disappointed with X-Men, as well as most of those superhero movies.
spider man was good and so was the hulk but that was beacuse Stan Lee had a part in thier transformation. X-men just felt like they tried to roll 5-6 story lines into 3 movies with the phoenix and the origins of wolverine.
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I'd like to see the climbing spurs Tony Stark would come up with.

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Oh, and you gotta stay through the closing credits to see something on the down low. :/:
Karina and I went to see it last night. She gave it an 8.5, I gave it a 9. Awesome movie! It had a few little twists that I didn't expect, it had suspense and the action scenes were great.

Really, though- wasn't JARVIS doing all the work? I think the TreeHouse needs a Jarvis!!!

While you're sitting through the credits, look for "B Camera Operator: Kent Harvey." That's my bosses husband!

Just watched it. Good flick! When it comes out on DVD, I will be able to check out more details with the pause button.

It is amazing how much work goes into those movies

I liked this line:
"So you have been his personal assistant for all these years and he still makes you collect the dry cleaning"? "Yes, and also take out the garbage":lol:

Remember that line?
HA...I just watched the trailer...I will be going soon. Looks awesome.

"Sometimes you gotta run before you walk." :lol:
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Tony Stark is constantly talking smack, he's cool.

I wish I was a genius billionaire playboy!
man those credits were long!

I never knew that when they make a film, they buy insurance to make sure the film gets completed on time.

Too bad public works don't do the same thing.