iPod/iTunes to a new computer.

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How do I do it? The Apple turorials aren't much help so far. I got a new computer, and have iTunes loaded, and my new computer "authorized." But when I hook up my ipod, it says that ipod is only allowed to share with one library, and it won't sync for me. What gives? :?
From what I understand Jeff, very little mind you. You can only "sync" with one computer. You may have to "force" it to sync with the new one, then you can't sync with the old one anymore.
But i-pods kick my ass so take that with a grain of salt.
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Nah, I just now figured it out. The new computer wouldn't sync at all, even though I'd logged on and authorized it to my account. I had to save my entire iTunes library onto my iPod as a separate file, then click and drag that file onto my iTunes on my new computer. Don't know how it worked, but it did.

I'm rockin' now!