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Paul B

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Mar 6, 2005
Burnaby BC
I (ok we) have the food channel on a lot here as there isnt a lot of good tv on most of the time. The cooks that I like to watch and get ideas from are Jamie Oliver (great for simple dishes), Rob Rainford(good on the grill / BBQ), Gordon Ramsey (for entertainment value not so much for his dishes), Rachel Ray(good for simple meals) and Giada De Laurentiis (she is super cute).

we get the Canadian channel up here which is slightly different than the US one.

recipes from Jamie Oliver: (bonus MB, apparently its chicken month at his recipe site!)
Cool Paully... I have the Food Network on almost as much as Speed Channel!

My faves are Tyler Florence, Giada DeLaurentis (yep, she's a cutie!), Bobby Flay, the new guy Guy Fieri, and Cat Cora.

I also like Anthony Bourdain as he travels around eating gross stuff all around the world. I love the Iron Chef shows... the Japanese and American versions.

The crappiest part about living by myself is I love to cook big meals like i did when i was married. So when I have the kids it's great to cook for more than just me.:)

Someday i would love to take a gourmet cooking class or two.

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Gary, I hear ya, I like to watch bobby flay, iron chef and tyler florence and the dinner impossible guy and anthony bourdain and the thirsty traveller guy but... I dont get many useful recipes or ideas from them.
I have 2 of Tyler Florence's cookbooks... and all of Bobby Flay's.

Rachel Ray has good recipies and quick fix stuff... but she drives me up a wall!

I like Tyler Florence's series Food 911. I have got quite a few recipies off of that show.

I also like Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller. Lots of uses for leftovers and such.

The Iron Chef series and other stuff only has entertainment value to me... Like you said... not many useable recipies comin' from those shows.

...oh and BTW... Justin... One o' these days...:P:P

Charlie Trotter is the best chef in America and he inspired me.

Mario Batelli is pretty okay for a skirt wearer.

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Charlie trotter I dont know, I will have to check him out later, Battalli I call Captain olive oil. Some of his dishes look good but at the end of almost EVERY dish he dumps in half a cup or more of olive oil to 'finish" the dish. ha, too much for me. :)
Rob Rainford is the bizniz. My wife makes Mario Battelli's lasagna and it is oily but damn its good. I like Gordon Ramsays kitchen nightmares, pure entertainment.
Chef Emilio has come out with his own line of sauces >>>
Sorry to say, I do NOT recommend them.
Ick. Guess he doesn't do his own taste-tests before he puts the Stamp of Approval ?!?
I really liked that Chef-Justin-What's-Izz-Nose... The Loozy-Anna guy ??? OMG, "I guarantEEE!!!" A glass of wine in every hand, and ONION in everything ! HAR !!!