Ike Turner, dead today at age 76

She's past that I think.

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I saw Tina Turner live in Calgary probably 20 years ago, beyond thunderdome tour. Amazing performer.
I hope we don't get an official tina turner thread like our felling and rigging site
We could do worse.

Its a shame that Ike Turner is primarily known as a wife beater. If he could have behaved himself he would have had a pretty good musical legacy to be known for.
I saw Ike and her and the Ikettes, with Claudia Linnear, Mick Jagger's original Brown Sugar, on the festival circuit in '68. Still more R&B than rock, pre-Proud Mary and pre-cocaine abuse, River deep and mountain high, yeah yeah yeah. Awesome shows, celestial energy.

Let's not bash the guy; he was a great arranger and built one heck of an act, even before Tina came along and kicked into a new gear.
who cares, the guy was a tool. He beat his wife and was a junkie.

Rest in Dirt.

a true entertainment scumbag.
Thanks Gigi. Sad deal, being hooked so bad that you can't give it up even at 76.

Judge not, lest ye be judged.
No, I'll judge him. He was a dumb ass.