I WILL be 10lbs fatter Saturday

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I am hoping our fine Mayor Mumbles is present. I have some questions that I would like him to dance around err.....answer.

it is looking to be a great time! I going to try to sample ribs from all participants, if my stomach allows, then onto brisket and pulled pork. some sides and a dessert or 5 and I should be in fine shape for climbing monday! :lol
I just had a physical and found out I was lighter than I thought by ten pounds. Maybe I should go find a similar event this weekend. On the downside I am an inch and a quarter shorter than I was when I was younger. I need some inflatable pillows between a few of my discs.

Have fun stuffing your face.
Darin, It isn't you -it is Congress. They keep changing the standards.
I've also noticed the the mountains are getting steeper and the air thinner but I hesitate to blame Congress since they have never really indicated that they can DO anything other than muck about with burdensome rules.
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Off to have more ribs than are found in 1 pigs body...........mmmmmmm!