I Wanna do this!

Just how does the little plane land? What if you overshoot the mark? Do you smack into the end of the cable where it's tied?

Maybe their is only enough gas to take you to the end of the cable, but I doubt that could be figured...

I would hate to go on vacation and end up like a squashed bug...

Looks like alot of fun
Moving further into the site I think I understand-cable on an overhead tether-you can't reach ground or valley walls. Pretty inovative but i'd rather learn to pilot a plane rather than do a dog on a chain version. Especially since ,should the tether break, you would fly that wingless wonder right into the bright light-Thud.
There was a time when I would have been first in line. But now I have this voice in the back of my head of my grandchildren (who aren't here yet) asking their parents about me and asking "how come grandpa was doing that?".
Oh come on where is your sense of adventure? Something does happen, it's not going to hurt past the OH SHIT!
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See Ya
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$25,000 will get you one of these...

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Managment dosent like the way I drive through the lot, their gonna hate me buzzing that thing in there.:O