I really really really want one of these...

Very cool indeed, I'm with you Butch this needs further investigation.
See Ya
I haven't checked it out yet, tring to get caught up here first. I was gone just 2 hours and there was already 96 post when I got back on.
See Ya
Did you see what he got for one of those on eBay - $4,800!?
Ouch! well that leaves me out, way to rich for me.
See Ya
While I founf that to be way cool, the sound of it while typed left me wanting.

Needs to be more mechanical sounding.

Thanks Thor for turning me on to Steam punk!

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Steampunk rocks.
Its fun to have analogue toys in a digital world. I have thought about making a watering system for my garden that included flumes and gates instead of sprinkler lines. Sometimes doing things the hard way is more fun.