I like this pic!

It's a cool pic Butch. FOR SURE! But the second one is the first I can remember of you that far back on your safety.
For me personally the second pic of you is best.
I likes the second one.
My Dad took this one of me. My shirt is all puffed out, and I look like a lard-ass, but I love this pic so much I had it blown up to a 24'x36' and got it framed.
Really sweet pix. Mine would be a guffaw next to y'alls. Keep 'em coming !!!
It's about a twenty foot tall tree right at the top of a very steep drop off.....looks airy huh? It was as wild as it looks............
Nice series of picts Gigi. John, that one of you and your kid is absolutely classic.
We had just had a major storm hit the Bay Area and had been doing storm work all day when the boss asked me to do one more job for a customer in one of the highest dollar real-estate spots in the county. So this is me coming down the tree after removing a few broken, hanging limbs. I decided to carve off a piece of their million dollar view for myself.
WOW!!...... No pic of myself I can find worthy of posting here.
Some really outstandind pics!
I can't touch most of those, especially the ones from OM and No Bivy but here goes...