Husky 3120 hotsaw

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May 16, 2005
Suffolk, England. That little island across the se
As demo'ed at the UK's Arb Association show this year, this little beauty drew the crowds from all around the showground when it was fired up. Only trouble was I didnt video it. I believe it was prepped by HusqvarnaUK, but i dont have any details, as yet. Photo courtesy of HusqvarnaUK.


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I saw 1 at the scottish show last year. There are very few over here. I do fancy building one for shows though, seems like a laff.
There was one from the Finnish Husqvarna team last summer at a collectors meet. It didn't impress other than looks and sound....
We ran this against a standard 3120, and I ran it against a Solo Twin... I lost.

I did 20 cut's or so with it to get a feel for it, but it was not impressive at all.

I am no racer by any means, but one of the guy's I went with were, he didn't get much more out of it either.
I'm far from an expert when it comes to running hotsaws .I will say this though ,because of the resonace tuned pipe you have to keep the saw running within that resonant rpm band or it falls on its face .

Depending on the porting scheme and design of the pipe if you hog the saw too much and drop it below this rpm range the pipe actually hinders the preformance rather than help it .

There are neat to play with but totally impractical for use on a work saw . Kind of like mounting a snow plow on a Corvette .
It seems like you can get more out porting the smaller saws than the big ones. The 3120 is a heavy beast. Even if I had the coolest fastest one around I wouldn't use it any more than I had to.
Oh you can or should I say some people can make a 3120 really run . I have no idea how much power some of them put out but I know they are running 15,000 RPM .

Most big work saws though don't see much action .No sense using an elephant gun on a mouse unless you have to .
Lots of problems making a 3120 run like a hotsaw should.
They had to rev limit the coil (because it throws rods), non adjustable carb on the newer ones (because it throws rods)

Yes, they can be ported and can run like a scalded ape, with a LOT of work and an 088 ROD in it!
Get a 390, port and muffler mod it and be happy!