High school football game


Climbing Up
Aug 25, 2005
Ceres, CA
My old hometown high school is playing for a football section championship tomorrow and my Father and I will be attending. My old coach will be flying out from Idaho to attend also. My school is Patterson, should be a good time. One of my old farming buddies is an assistant coach for Patterson. They lost to Central earlier this year so I don't know if they have much of a chance at beating them as Central recruits players from all over the area and Patterson being a public school is limited to players living within the school district boundries.

Division V Championship
Central Catholic (10-1-1) vs. Patterson (11-1)
@ University of the Pacific, Memorial Stadium
1:00 p.m. kickoff
Gates open: 11:30 a.m.
Admission: $10 adults / $6 students
Parking: $5-car / $10-RV
Seating: Central Catholic (home, west side) / Patterson (visitor, east side)
T-shirt: will be on sale - $15-$19, depending on size
Souvenir Programs: will be on sale - $3.00
TC3 does not do football... I've had to make myself learn even the most basic rules so I can understand what the hell is happening ?!?
That said, HS football rawks !!!
Have fun, Steve !
Good luck to your team, Steve I hope they knock the stuffing out of the other guys.
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My team lost 24-6. It was a good game and great weather. Our side of the stadium had easily twice and maybe three times the people as the other side. Going to the championship game is an almost yearly event for them and it is the first time for us since they reformatted the playoff system in 1976. High school girls are a lot cuter than when I was a teenager. I feel cheated.