Hemlock remediation


Rockclimber/ treeclimber
Aug 5, 2005
I have a new client with many hemlock trees that are browning due to extreme construction and run off of concrete etc.
I need ideas on what to do to help out the soil in order to green the hemlock out and hopefully get them growing .
Most of them are about 10 feet tall.
I doubt he will go for much digging or airspading as his perinnals are planted all around.
He will want a quick fert fix if there is one and i can certainly mulch them.
Installing drip hose might help, too. Hemlock like moist soil & it may help flush out toxins from the concrete.
Without pics it's difficult to say. If you're planning on a soil injected fert, you might just go ahead & throw the kitchen sink at it & add some Merit into the mix. (That'll prob'ly get me in trouble !!!)
I hope you are not mis-diagnosing the prob. Check for bugs first. They are too common
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I checked for scale and adelgid.
They are native by the way not planted.I see no insect just lots of bad dirt and damage to roots by a concrete wall placed beside them. They are just pitaful looking sparse growth minor dieback .One did die completly it was directly in the path of the water runoff ditch i suspect they drained the pool onto it and the clorine killed it.
Some of them are doing pretty good despite growing conditions. I would like to use mulch mostly but what kind?