Happy Canuck Day

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Wierd day. We started out nice and sunny. Took the kids to the parade. Went for lunch at my grandmothers. We left there at about one and the rain started. It only rained for about 3 hours but I've never seen it rain so hard in my life. We are dry but a lot of people are really wet. I walked through knee deep water in the starbucks parking lot. The city has declared a state of emergency.

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Happy day to the canucks... Sorry bout the floods. We really wanted the water here with all the fires and what not. Had a strange one here today too. Just got home from running around in the flat lands and have to check on the fire status here: Saw a lot of fire fighters leaving the area for other fires here in the state. Guess we had about 1000 or close to it from the last thunder storm.