The Russian fella? He has not been here in some time I dont think
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I'm sure he popped his head up last year..
I'm sure he popped his head up last year..

I remember that. Also some one posted a link from AS or some where that had him in it.
But I have drain bamage & my perception of time is not at times realistic.
havent noticed him in along long time, he posted pics one day then poof, back to mother Russia. Didnt Underwor (where are ye too?) meet him up for a climb or something?
I have not heard from him for quite a while either. I know their business has really jumped since I was there in 2003. They how have several crews working. It was a 3 man operation when I met them. I will try to get in touch with Dmitriy in a week or so and see what is up in their neck of the woods.