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Kimbo Slice was an underground bare-fisted basement/barroom brawler. HE made a hit on the net fighting anyone and everyone.........and WINNING! He is now an undefeated pride and MMA fighter. has these new videos out called what would Kimbo do? They take some douce and put him in situations that everyone runs into, he is a pussy and does nothing. Then they show how Kimbo would handle the situation.

Absolutely hilarious!
They definitely get funnier as the new ones come out.

The series Promo

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4
I've been watching them every week. They are sorta violent and it seems like the OTHER actors get hurt in them. However, they ARE entertaining.

I just hope I don't see anyone double-dipping anytime soon. And if I DO...I hope they are smaller than me!


this is still my fav. and YES, it's because Sean Gannon is from Boston

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Sean Gannon gets his ass beat!

And whatcha talkin' 'bout pretty boy!?