Got Kids ???


Headache !
Aug 12, 2006
My 12 yr. old is practicing his skateboard tricks in the garage... my 13 yr. old niece is at her first middle school dance. I watch these things with true awe.
Kids rawk !!!
Oh, yeah >>> My 17 yr. old daughter is off with BF, & 22 yr. old son is partying at college.
No "Kodak" moments here... Just sharing what makes my world.
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Then you'd probably be glad to know (if) they're doing well.
Butch, I think you're the kind of person that any kid would remember your being a part of their life.
Like, my ex-sister-in-law's sister's kid took a liking to me >>> Nobody in my world, eh ? I was able to look 'im in the eye & tell him that he's a fine young man... & it's true... He needed to hear it from an 'outside' adult. I was able to nudge him into a tech school & hopefully on his way.
Every li'l bit.
Any potential children of mine are running around in the Phillipines!

Oddly enough, I never wanted children!! "I don't have the paitence!" "I am to absorbed with my own life!" "Maybe when things get settled!!" etc..................

No matter how much of a PITA he CAN be, there is NOTHING that can bring me the joy he has!
My life revolves around them. Just finished reading to my daughter... she still wants me to every once in a while even though she's 10. My son is lying right here in my bed working on a school project... I don't get to have my bed back until 10:00PM... wouldn't have it any other way.
My daughter is three earlier today before her nap she was growling and punching and kicking me. Heh atleast she's got a fighter's spirit.:lol:
I dont have kids, thank goodness. But of course I have a wife and she has dragged ALL KINDS of critters home for us to nurse...Horses, dogs, cats and even an occasional friend's child. :)
Any potential children of mine are running around in the Phillipines!

When I was about to deploy on my first WESTPAC, my Uncle told me that when I got to Yokuska, if I ever saw any Japanese with a big old Pollock lookin' nose (like his)... I should walk up to them and say, "How ya doin' cuz'?"


mere days away for us. :D

did I mention...

:D ?

Well wishes to you and the Mrs. Paully!!!

Happy for ya mang! :):):)

4 Kids for me 2girls 2 boys full house ... too much fun !!!
Later in SO-CAL
Why is it that everyone wishes 'good luck' to an expectant parent?

What has 'luck' to do with it?

Good genes, healthy diet, proper care all decide how the birth will go.

Am I missing something?
fathers need good luck so they dont do or say the wrong thing while their there!
since I got only one and he is 7 month now and takes up all of my time, I must say good job to all of you that got more kids and manage it !!!
I greatly respect you all :)
Empty nester here also, but lucky enough to have them in the same town. They have moved away and back again, both now having their own places. :)