Good Morning!

Old Monkey

Mar 9, 2005
I can't remember where the old morning thread was.

Yesterday wore me out. It was a hard day of climbing. My customer met me on the ground as I got out of the last tree around 8pm. He kept asking me "So you think you'll still be able to climb big trees like this in another four or five years?" Why folks like to ask stuff like that when you are tired or "Have you ever fallen out of a tree?" before you go up, I have no idea. I told him I wanted to still be able to climb big trees when I am 50 and that I know several folks who are doing fine later than that. I added that I hope I don't have to as I'll have other folks trained up but that I can when needed climb a high as any of the punk kids.

Speaking of punk kids its time to wake up mine.
Good morning you grumpy 'ol monkey! Working till 8pm is working too long
Om is really getting it, its so hot now that we must knock off at 1pm or your toast.
foggy here this morning. Excellent working weather, the fog burns off about 11 am. By then my job should be just about done for the day.
We'll get rain once or twice a week until mid june and then nothing untill the snow comes.

Today is new grinder day and I feel like a kid on christmas. I've even got a couple of stumps lined up to try it out on this afternoon.
Man, I woke up pist this morning. I hate that. Fortunately I was contract climbing today and the guy I was climbing for was hilarious.

Grrrrrr, mornings suck.
I'm watching the radar....waiting for a small band of showers to pass through before I go feed the calf. Planted tomatoes last night so timing was good for the rain.
Ha we planted tomatoes last night also! (your flowers this afternoon, been keeping them alive, no worries I think).

I gotta swap a bearing out on the grinder and I'm off for an exciting day of grinding stumps here and yon.
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Does anybody love grinding stumps? Have a good day Carl.

My wife set her alarm on her phone and it went off forever waking up who? My wife? No. Me? Yes, most annoyingly so. Todays job has been postponed to next week. Things are a little slow. Which is ok because I need to catch up with paperwork.