Fungus 20 feet tall

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THis proves it.
"Mycyleum infuses all landscapes. Grand molecular disassemblers of nature. We are most closely related to fungi than any other kingdom. we share the same pathogens. 8 miles of mycyleum cells can fit in a single square inch of soil. They are microfiltration membranes...essentially externalized stomachs and lungs. Extended neurological membranes. Mycyleum is the earth's internet - membranes broken will be repaired by the system. It is system sentient - if you walk a mycyleum field,it will leap up to capture debris after your path. The Internet, then, is a pattern built on a previous proven system."

Fungi gives off Oxalic acid, which crumbles rock, and creates soil...
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Heres the pic Frans of what it supposed to have looked like, and the corresponding link.

Fungi, he suggests (and the fossil record seems to support) inherited the earth after the impact and extinction event - they use radiation as a source of energy, like plants use light. They grew over twenty feet tall (see above). Forests of fungi.

In Eastern Oregon, apparently, lives the world's largest mycyleum colony - 2200 acres in size and one cellwall thick...

Fungi are gateway species that open the door for other species - spores attract insects, insects lay eggs, larva are born, birds come, bring seeds and fertilize creating a green field...

We should save old growth forest as a matter of natural defense - the fungi that grow within house incredibly powerful anti-viral pathogens

We need to engage with mycyleum to save the world."


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