Ford 300 6 Cyl. Headers

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Getting ready for another possible move. Sick of packing around extra stuff!!

These headers where for 4 wheel drive should still work fine for a 2 wheel drive. Have never been mounted. I purchased them from Clifford out in California. They do have some service rust.

Wanting $125.00 + shipping. Send me a pm if interested

Also have a few guns mostly rifles in various calibers that I will be parting with. Remington, Winchester, & Anschutz. Some are cosmetically ruff but they
come with a accuracy garruntee when used with described loads. 2 of the Winchesters are PRE 64 make. 1 is 264 caliber & in perfect, unfired condition, with factory box. This Winchester will not be sold at a bargain price....Send me a pm if interested.


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nevermind, didnt look at the pics close enough, guess they are
my first car was a '75 firebird. it had a straight 6 in it, my mechanic chuckled every time he opened the hood, he said to this day he has still never seen a straight 6 in the camaro/firebird/trans am series.
:) and it was very gutsy compared to the z28 with the 350 I had a couple years later.
The original Firebirds,'68 I think, came with inline 6's . The original 'vette,1953 had a 235 cu inch "blueflame special " just a GMC truck engine with a wilder cam and 2 single carbs with a split exhaust .My buddy had a '55 Chevy set up with that engine that would smoke the average 283 .
I just bought a 84 ford to add as a plow truck. has a 6 banger in it. I LOVE that old dog. Has a stick. That thing hauls ass. Honestly, I'm not saying its twin turbo diesel but that truck will do wheelies around any of my trucks that had 302's and 5 speeds. I think that is a ballsy little engine and am really surprised.
I don't really know why but it's been known for years that an inline engine produces more torque than the same size in a v configuaration .

I've got a '50 Buick,248 cubic inch 8 inline .It will pull away from a stop sign in high gear at just a tad bit above idle .
Had a '67 Chevy pickup way back when... 292 inline 6 with a 600 cfm Holley 4 barrel on an Offy manifold... that truck was kick ass... Didn't have split exhaust... but with the cam we had in it... it sounded mean.