For powerheads < 30-40CC, is lithium a viable replacement? How about just for 25cc?


Nov 1, 2019
Tampa-Area, FL
The newer 40V units seem, at least on-paper, to be closing-in on 25cc powerheads....

I love 2-strokes, but my blower (husq 125b, awesome machine) needs replacement and I've got a real strong urge to "go lithium"....having a deep 'handheld powertools' collection, I know the importance of choosing 1 type/ecosystem so you can interchange batteries/tools/chargers, so in my eyes -- as a small, 1 man tree-op that's average job is a 1-dump-run, several-hundred$$ limbing job -- for me and my F150, my hardware consisting of 1 groundsaw and a few climbsaws...for my position, I feel like the 40V lithium lineups may actually be a viable alternative now, would LOVE you guys' thoughts!!!

Echo is where I gravitate (biggest climbsaw and my polesaw are echo, both are among my favorites) but their lithium lineup has horrible reviews (sadly it's the only >40V one that has top-handle, polesaw & blower all with 1 battery) So it's really Stihl or Husq as far as I can tell and, not to "start anything" but it seems to me that your $ goes further with Husqvarna and honestly I'm kinda sad to have no Husqvarna in my stable... so

1 - Am I off-base? I rely on polesaw, climbsaw, blower for routine work...I know I'll need 3+ batteries to make it work properly (haven't compared run-time to drain-time yet) but would just get the tool+battery kits for blower, polesaw and then climbsaw (as-needed, need a blower now, expect my 26cc echo polesaw to finally kick it this year or next, and my 25cc chinese ebay clonesaw is, somehow, still awesome at >2yrs but I know that'll end soon enough so I will genuinely be trying to use lithium for next-to-everything, my only gasoline will be ground-saw or my 355t or tanaka climbsaws (32&36cc) if I go this route...if these 40V pucks can equate to 25cc I am OK with that, 25cc has driven these machines PLENTY fine for me, but if they're coming in more like 18cc-equivalence then we've got a problem yknow!

2 - If a worthy route for sub-30cc powerheads...Stihl or Husqvarna? Both seem comparable enough, honestly you do seem to get better "CFM per dollar" with Husq and I do prefer Husq if all other things are the same (would go with Stihl if they had better specs-per-dollar)...To be *crystal* clear, if there's any funny "2 types of 40V battery" schemes, am not interested at all (Echo released all their stuff as 56V, but the materials for the dcs 2500t say it's a "50V" which I've never even heard of...hard to even comprehend, like WTH they make a differnt puck / different slot to accommodate a weaker puck & have a weaker product? Would make sense if it was coming in at like 2lbs but it's not it's nearly 4lbs..I dunno point being it's not 56V but then again it doesn't seem the unit is even available so maybe it'll arrive in 56V, if it's 2 battery lineups - for a company that's already got shit-reviews for their 56v lithiums this past year - will crush them, which sucks as I see the 2511 and 355t units as some of the best saw-per-buck out there for climbsaws :/

Thanks a TON for any input, honestly I would've bought a husq 320i(or 230i?) today, am on-fence because the stronger one is nearly double the price...but it's >2X the "blow power"....but reg coates has the weaker one and anytime I've emulated him for gear-purchases I have made out well ;D Would not be buying the polesaw (or top-handle) today, like to say I'd be frugal and wait til my units died & maybe I will but maybe I"d be expediting my way to them, my 25cc polesaw weighs 2X what the 40V husq polesaw am not seeing it as "losing $" just because, for a blower alone, you can get more per buck with petrol than lithium, seeing it as part 1 of 3 (for a plan I think is solid/viable...25cc-equivalence is fine for me until I'm on trunk wood!!)
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It's occurring to me that it may be worthwhile to guy-wire /backstrap that dead limb, wrapping it at the union/fork and getting "the whole union" incl the bases of both final branches, and anchoring that back to the living trunk(s)....doing this, and maybe 3:1 tightening to at least get it taut, should help a lot with the fear of it flexing enough that the limb separates from the trunk when I'm tip-toe'ing out to set those furthest-out ropes...then take each of the two dead end branches, then take that dead limb in 2 or 3 pieces based on where my anchor is (there were a couple spots I could use to swing it into the yard and 'free fall' it instead of having to catch everything over the roof and have to have had a slideline setup or break my back trying to chuck pieces over the roof (actually I think the base of the limb doesn't allow that, will def have to rope those down)

Have no idea how to qoute this I know I'm gonna leave them unhappy with the price, and will probalby spend far longer on it than I charged..ugh
Mixed threads...You say that you will leave them unhappy with the price... Too bad for them. $5 would make them happy.

Just one possible job. Other fish in the sea.