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The Branch Doctor

This time of year sucks! From Thanksgiving to Christmas is as dead as it gets around here. Thank God that I put a few big removals in the back pocket for just this situation. Anyway, I scheduled a nice crane removal for Friday that will be sweet to say the least. I haven't gotten to do a crane job for months so I'm excited.

This time of year is rough here... anybody else feeling the strain?
The entire year has been a rough one for treework for everyone, I think. I'll be glad when things get back to normal, whatever that is...
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I hear ya big shooter. Like I said thank God for "back pocket" jobs.
I usually keep busy through about now. I still have some work but with our winter weather you really have to pick and choose your days, and it helps the work last longer than it would in the summer months.

Its been a good year, no slower than any other year.
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It's been a record year for me but between the holidays it's rough as hell!!!!!!!!!!
Back to School time to the end of January sucks for us, if we dont have a backlog pre sold we are dead in the water.

Right now we have work, but no favorable weather.
I'm fortunate to be in my current situation. This will probably be my best year ever as far as income, although I haven't worked very hard and everyone I sub for has been slow. My best client is down about $40K-$50K gross from last year.

Once again I'll say that buying the bucket truck and focusing on subcontracting has vastly improved my financial situation. I have almost no overhead and can easily make 2-3 times what any freelance climber can make. No dump fees, no employees, no sales calls, no hauling. I skim the cream off the top. And all these guys who have no work will still call me when they get a decent size job, because I'll put it on the ground quick and make them look good.
Right now we have work, but no favorable weather.

Thats my problem....
I have a fair amount of work. Work that I dont want to do, cuz the weather sucks.

If I had it my way I would completly shut down all winter long and ice fish everyday. As it is now I have no choice but to at least put in 2-3 days a week pretty much all winter long. Im sure I'll see a stretch of a couple weeks off but for the most part keep it going as much as possible.

For me the killer months here are April and the first part of May, probably the slowest months every year.
Im sure its more than fair.....

I know around here a bucket and operator runs about $125 per hour
Do you just have a hourly rate for the truck and you Skwerl?

Yes, $75-$90 per hour (depending on the job as well as the client).
$200 minimum
or $500 for a 7-8 hour day

On good days with multiple jobs I'll make 6-8 hundred. I average about $1500-$2000 per week and spend about $500 per month on diesel fuel.
Yup. The same types of guys who would hire a freelance climber. I have a couple guys that want me to handle the entire job, and I'll do that if I can call in one of my other tree guys to help with the groundwork and hauling. I try to pass on as much work as I can to the guys who use me.
works been good ths year. awesome november. getting slow now but havent missed work for a lack of it
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Nice gig Brien! I'm looking forward to a couple REALLY big removals I've got in January but nothing too special until then.
I've been pretty slow here, went without a single call for almost a week till today, had three. I wonder what companies like Grover with 5 crews are doing?
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The only good thing about this time of year is I can go snowmobiling in the middle of the week instead of working.:D
Right now work is waaaay slow for me. It looks like things may not pick up until January :( .