F700 versus GMC 5500

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So those two with some variation are my choices for chip truck as I am in the market. The fords around here have the 5.9 cummins and the GMC with the 366 FI.

If they are in like condition with similar mileage what would you prefer? The cummins is the obvious motor choice but I know nothing of brakes / chassis stuff on these bigger trucks.

I have a f-700 but it has a 6.6 diesel. I know another company with a 5500 gas and they've got no complaints with it either. Geez man it all depends if you're a Ford or Chevy guy.
Those trucks aren't even the same weight class. The larger truck is preferable over the smaller truck and the diesel is preferable over the gas motor. In the last 5-10 years the GMC trucks have become more popular than the Fords but that can be mostly attributable to fleet pricing. In the early 90's everybody was using Fords and you rarely saw a GMC.

Can you share any more info on the particular trucks you're looking at? How old are they? Condition? Mileage/ hours?
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Thats why I'm running a F450 now, any bigger and I dont know jack about them!
There are several of each at the lot I stopped by today, ranging from 1994-1998.
The fords are 6 speeds and the others are 5's. Most have seen some hard years but I've seen worse.
Its still apples and oranges to me till I figure out how a 5500 or 6500compares to a 7 or 800. All I know is one tons and below.
Ford and Chevy model sizes should be roughly comparable. A Chevy 5500 is about the same weight rating as a Ford F550. You can open the driver's door and look at the tag to get specific GVWR numbers.
i have f700 with the 5.9 cummins. its a good truck and the 6 speed is the way to go. mine is gvwr 28000 which requires a cdl. does that matter to you?
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So the GVW is the defining factor for the CDL and that is 24,000? And air brakes you have to get an endorsdement for? I need to go look all this up at DOT or whatever - thanks for the help though.

Contemplating going back to one tons and trailers - getting drivers for this stuff and maintenance sucks!
The cutoff for a CDL is 26000 lbs. That info is on the back of your license. There are lots of truck options that are specifically built under the CDL limit. I suspect the GMC5500 is under the CDL limit, all of the F700's I've driven required a CDL.

Once you finally go through all the work and expense to get a CDL, the big trucks aren't all that expensive to own and they pay for themselves easily.
but getting drivers does suck! 26000 lbs anyone can drive 26001 and up requires a cdl