euro gaffs

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First removal today since taking the euro crap off my geckos and putting pole gaffs on.

Atleast in hard woods they are a whole lot better. I should have started out on these.

Maybe for the soft stuff but I'm back to the basics for now.
Hey, you never know until you try. I wish I hads a dollar for every piece of gear I bought and ended up going back to using the previous style.
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prolly not quite as short as you are thinking MB, 1 3/4" maybe

doubt any linemen use geckos
I meant a lineman, LOL.

Of COURSE we have tha skillz!

What kinda wussy lanyard set-up do you have going there? :what:
I was experimenting with some new equipment and techniques.
I hate pole gaffs, except for slick barked trees.
If you climbed trees in Hawaii you would ditch the tree gaffs real quick. Most everything here is thin barked and tree gaffs would have your boots about 2 to 2.5 inches away from the tree. Wobbly and uncomfortable.