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Mar 6, 2005
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This thread was pretty popular.

I'll restart...

The whole shabang...
New Chipper...
Mini Skid...
The chipper I wish I still had sometimes...


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Here is most of my stuff.


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Heck no, and it'll protect the cab even more. Plus, instant shade. And it just looks cleaner, no more twigs and crap getting stuck in the diamond grid. It REALLY helps if you have any leaking lines.
You've mentioned this plywood thingy to me before too. Anyone else do this, any pics? I got no problemo with the sun I wear shades.8)


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Most cab guars have solid sheet metal to about the middle of the hood. A full cab guard is a huge airfoil, one of my buckets has a full sheetmetal guard and it is noticably different going down the road.
I prefer only having the solid cover to about the middle of the hood. This keeps the cab shaded but still allows some visibility when looking forward towards the traffic lights. I would not want a solid cover all the way forward.
That's my preference, too.

It doesn't have to extend all the way to the front.

But if it does, it ain't that bad. It comes in handy when you're in tight quarters and have to throw the brush on top of the headache rack.
looks like steves is set up right, sheet steel over most of it and expanded metal over the rest. plenty of shade with that setup and i concur, any more and youd have to get out of the truck to see the stop light:D
Mine has sheet steel under the expanded metal extending a couple of feet ahead of the bottom of the windshield. It makes the cab noticeably cooler in the summer.
I would think plywood would be quieter, even cushioning/dampening to an extent. My fantasy truck would have shock absorbers in the headache rack struts. Cool.
Mine's set-up the same way on the cab guard. And I don't like to drop stuff on the truck but it is a work truck afterall.:D