Driver's License: Online Renewal/Waycool!


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Mar 6, 2005
Wow, I just did it and it was easy! I don't even need a new license/picture cuz they're gonna mail me a sticker to slap on the back of it. This is so cool, I didn't know anything about it! No more going into (unless my address changes) the DMV and frigging around.

cool. we still have to go to town for ours every 5 years. I just got mine a year or so ago so I have a while before I have to worry. Wife is due for hers this month, going to change her last name on it, might help her not have to explain her different last names when she shows id now.
I would have renewed mine online as well, but my last pic was 4 years old, and I needed a current mug for getting on base until I go for my pass in a few weeks.
I just renewed mine online... sort of. I didn't read the fine print apparently. Basically, they charged my CC then mailed me a form that I had to bring to the licensing facility. And that's where I had to wait in line for my picture, with all of the folks that didn't renew online. Saving me ZERO time. It is only every 5 years, so hopefully they'll have enough time to "improve."

i thought is was federal. we have to carry a "medical card" which is a D.O.T. phisical and must be renewed every 2 years. if you get pulled over with an expired medical card its like having and expired liscence
I've never been asked for it. I think I had one about 10 years ago when I worked for Davey. But then I've never been pulled over while driving my bucket truck, just in my personal truck.