I just didn't get it ? I'll have to grab one of my kids & get them to 'splain it ???
I think? You are supposed to draw on it and leave you're mark.
I am assuming, the more you draw, the more you can?
I went to it. When u move your curser around, a little circle appears. Click in the circle and it zooms in. Do the same, click somewhere and it zooms in. When it gets to 100% a little 'puzzle' appears. connect all the dots and it allows you to draw. You only have so much ink, but you can pic other places in the ball to draw. Found some titties and a pretty nice pic of some nudes.
That's what my boy & I got out of it, too, okiedokeytreeguy.
Apparently, the zoom-in brings it to 1/4096 th or some crazy miniscule... so making a big pic (watch the time line link) would take some crazy talent or atleast tons of time.
I wondered why Pepsi would put someone on the clock to do this, but it's actually good marketing.