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Headache !
Aug 12, 2006
As the season comes into full swing, I'm getting a lot of calls for mulching. It's easy money, and I'm not in a position to turn it down. But I'm pretty much a one-person gig. I've been considering hiring day laborors, and was wondering if anybody here can offer some tips ?
Do I need insurance (comp) for them ? Are they considered independent contractors ? Is paying cash at the end of the day how it's done ?
Any input would help.
if your going seasonal id run them through a temp agency, that way theyre covered as well as your tail
I run the young fellas as casual labour, backpay annually for WCB and call it done. Pay them every couple weeks if they are regular, end of the week if they are transitional.
I'd do like Willie says if you aren't going to hang on to them over the long run.
If you go through a labor pool like Labor-Ready they cover the insurance. You pay the labor pool company and they pay the employees. The ones I've seen around here are mostly drunks, addicts, and other losers who can't find work anywhere else. You'd be better off trying to hire some young kid on a part time basis, but then you have the insurance problem.
you can hire who you want and send them to labor ready to apply for you. dont hire their people just let them do all the paper work
you can hire who you want and send them to labor ready to apply for you. dont hire their people just let them do all the paper work

That's the way. Also look in your phone book for employee leasing services. Same thing as above but possibly less expensive/more options.
I just hired a 19 year old whose dad is a Workman's Comp. Judge. He goes on the books lickety split.
Frans, Actually, according to my old agent, Homeowners Ins has to cover everydurnbody that wanders through the landscape. Therefore Homeowners Ins alway urges clients to hire only insured contractors so that the Ins. companies (most of which own one another in some roundablout fashion) can fight over who pays what.

My inclination is to hire frineds and pay them for their work as contract labor/subcontractors but hiring people through an agency covers all comp and tax matters.
I know that mulching is a little different gig than tree removal. But when I tried to get some guys from a temp agency as soon as they found out that I was a tree service they wouldn't do business with me.
yeah, i had to look around a bit to find one that covered tree service. i used a temp agency for 9 months when i started up
Temp. help sucks.

If you don't want the paperwork lease your own guys/girls for about ten percent more.
Dur... Whatcha talkin' 'bout Bannned?
Teresa needs help. She isn't talking about sending a crew that doesn't yet exist off on a side foray.