Darn pine sap.


Oct 17, 2006
hartsville, sc
Does anyone have a tried and true method for sap removal on rigging ropes.

I've had descent success with soaking in boiling water.

Any rope scrubbers or cleaners i can use that will not affect the rope?

Also on chainsaw handles, what works best?


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I tried to wash a 200 ft 5/8 rope at the laudromat.

they asked me to leave quite rudely.

That was years ago, ever since i have been rinsing them in a big wash tub.
I wash my ropes all the time in my washer. I just daisy chain the rope and then tie the ends together. I dont even use any soap or detergent, just warm water.
If you do use a detergent, something very mild like woolite is best.

With snow melt here in the spring evrything turns to mud. I will be washing my ropes 1-2 times per week until things dry up.
good idea top, never thought to tie the ends together :thumbup:
when mine get pitchy i just fight my way through it till it wears out
Tying the ends keeps them from getting sucked under the agitator.

My ropes don't get full of pitch but as I eluded above, muddy season is here.
Gojo will peel it off your fingers with a little work .Actually Gojo will lift it out of your breechs too .That stuff is good for a lot of things.If you gobbed in on your lines and let it sit a bit then washed them it should work there also .
I haven't washed a rope in years.......I would be worried about bleach at a laundromat, it would really fock up a rope. Most times the sap dries up and comes off with use. I would wash in the tub if it was me....
I was in our augerless washing machine using Tide. I'll add fabric softener if I'm feeling froggy.
Has,washing lines[rope] .We used to take our 2" three strand nylon mooring lines and wash them.Harbors used to full of oil scum,made a 'ell of a mess of things.

Imagine laying out 300 feet of huge line up and down a pier and attacking it with scrub brushes and tide water.:O Took about half a day per line,times 4 or 6 .Rinsed it off with a 2 inch fire hose,that part didn't take too long .