Sep 2, 2006
How does this look...I got some grief last time I had to jack the shat out of a set up
That looks kinda sketchy to me. What is under the timbers? It looks like a concrete slab. I'd want to make extra certain that nothing can slide on that slope. You get a little movement while lifting or swinging a load and the timber could skid right out from under the outrigger. I've seen that happen.

I'd brace them on the downslope side to keep them from sliding. Other than that, no problemo.
First thing that hopped out at me, was being shy just some on the donnage. Maybe that was all that was available?
Looks good to me, especially if not picking all too much off that slope. I would have liked to see a few more pieces of dunnage, but you use what you have. The plywood is a good idea with the different sized pieces for the footing.
unless the soil was soft i wouldnt think the plywood was nessasary there. i like how you used the small stuff on the up hill side, that keeps the load from "poopingout" down the hill. :thumbup:
Once I realized that was on a grassy hill and not on a driveway, the plywood looks like the sketchiest part. It helps spread the load and prevent sinking in, but it could also act like a big surfboard allowing the whole works to squirt out down the hill if there was a sudden shift in the load. It would be ok if there were something to anchor the plywood.
Yes!!! I've seen outrigger pads "walk" out from under the outriggers during the course of a job. In one case, the wooden pad (4' square and 6" thick) came completely out from beneath the 2' steel outrigger pad and no one noticed until the job was complete. Luckily, the ground was solid enough to support it.
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tracks mats + 6x6 x 3 or 4 layers high was bomber........I've seen these guys crip up to chgest hieght....way scary to me. Cribbing did not move at all,.....load area was up hill. I'll try and blow the pic up a bit
Looks good in the photo. The out rigger is 90 to the cribbing. That is simalar to some of the out rigger blocking I have seen the crane crews use on our jobs for the power company.