Crazy Stump Machine.


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Mar 6, 2005
Any of ya'll ever seen one of these in real life?

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Looks like all it's doing is drilling holes in the ground in that video.

Looks like it'd suck.

In the other vids the bit is different, and it seems to do a moderate job, although they must be soft wood as the arms aren't responding to the amount of torque it would take to do most of the stumps I grind.
Carl, it looks like it's grinding out tiny sapling stumps. Looks real handy for grove work but I doubt it would work well for anything with a diameter larger than the tube.
They're used extensively in Italy for removing the stump on clearcut poplar plantatins. The idea is that the 'plug' of wood is popped into a tubgrinder, and ground into hogfuel / biomass. its for material recovery, not residential stump removal.