Crane work.

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Jamin Mayer

Do crane jobs ever get boring?:? I don't think so. Here you are. fresh of the editing block.:D Oh... be sure to crank up the volume. Youtube makes you compress the videos and it messes with the volume. It definitely messes with the quality of the video.:what: Anyway, this is my first video I edited. Feel free to give any advice. For the dial up guys/gals, sorry it's 9 minutes 30seconds. So, grab yourself a beer.:beer:

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Great video Jamin. That was a huge tree. It's good to see Charley Waggener again. I worked with him a few times when he came out to Hawaii. He's a lot of fun to work with and is a most excellent climber.
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Yeah, I can't believe the squirrel stayed up there all that time.:what:

Charlie is a good climber. I have worked with him 4-5 times now. He can keep the groundies busy. ;)
That was a GREAT vid!!
Some one finally captures a squirrel making a leap from a falling snag:rockon:
I took a crane removal class a couple years ago and Charlie was one of the instructors. He's an awesome climber and I learned a lot of tricks from him that I use every day.

Charlie Wagner is definitely one of the best climbers in Colorado, perfect guy for that monster.
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How's it going Jason?! It's been cold lately, eh?:big-freeze: Looks like the next couple of days will be a change. Finally:blob6:
You worked with Wagner AND Melton? There must be some law against employing that much talent in one video.
welcome KGmyrek. I just attended a new years party with my wife and her polish parents as well as about 60 of their polish friends! My father in law is from Wroclaw...
"I don't care who you are, that's funny right there"

Hahaha...great quote...I know it from Mater in "Cars".

You did an awesome job of catching the skwerl in action....excellent video, enjoyed the subtitles.
Nice vid, around here I have never got cottonwood to hinge like that.. always lays out flat then breaks off.
Hey Jamin, kick ass vid dude! I've been liking the cold weather, told ya you should get a plow.:D It's kind of a nice change of pace but I am "Jonesing" to get in a tree.