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Aug 12, 2006
My CPR card expires in January, and I plan to renew it. It's a 4 hour class, cost $80, and is well worth it.
To my mind, this isn't just some credential or piece of paper. It's worthwhile knowledge, and damned cheap.
Check into your local hospital's classes or other organisations that offer this.
So worth it !
I've heard of places offering CPR classes for free. Anybody know of these classes ?
Also... complete sidebar... I will be taking the extra 2 hr. class on defibrilhation (sp.?) & look forward to having this extra credit & knowledge.
i got my cpr with first aid, $60 thru red cross. had to have all that to be a certified tree worker

Defibrillation, don't those gizmos cost thousand$?
Guy, No the mobile defribrillators are down to $1000. I paid $50 for my certification through the American Heart Association....and it included training opn the defib devices.
At my day job, I have to be certified on both CPR & DEFIB. Most police cars and fire truck carry a defib unit. Because of their success in saving lives and lowering prices, we'er going to be seeing more & more defib units.

Besides, they are very user friendly and for the most part idiot proof!

I'm taking CPR for the Professional Rescuer from Red Cross next week. 8 hours, $75... CPR,AED & ppe for blood borne pathogens.
The way the law works (sorry to bring up such an ugly word), if you go to 'save' someone and in the process hurt them further, you will be liable. For example if they have a cracked rib and it punctures their lung they can sue you for it. Or if they die despite your efforts you can be charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Funny world we live in when you are better off calling 911 and not moving or touching the person at all.
theres a good samaritan law frans to minimize that kind of thing.
i need to put my crew through cpr, none of us are current
mine is way outta date. still 15comp to 1 breath ? Both times I was first on an accident scene, CPR would notta helped......nothing would have.
My card has been expired for 10 years. I did CPR on a guy once. I was a volunteer fireman at a small rural dept. where I farmed and I-5 went through our district and our victim was a terminal cancer patient. His wife (who was kind of hot) was taking him to LA to visit some people before he died and he didn't make it. I was the first guy there and I had cleared his airway when another fireman came and he had one of those breathing devices. I was so freaking glad that he showed as then I didn't have to do mouth to mouth on a dead guy. I did the chest compressions and he did the beathing with his plastic thing. When the paramedics arrived they had us stop while they checked him out and he still had no pulse and no breathing. They then told us to start back up while they were loading him up and continue until we had left the scene. A little while in the ambulance and they checked him again and he was still without a pulse or any breathing. He was pronounced dead by the doctor when we got to the hospital. About all we ended up doing was making the wife feel that everything possible was being done, but the guy had no chance. I should take the class again also.
-CPR for the most part is maybe 15% effective and the majority of survivors are children,(drowning victims)!
It does put on a good show for family members to see someone do CPR as opposed to standing around doing nothing. It buys them time to prepare themselves for any bad news from the Doctor at the hospital!

DEFIB on the other hand along with CPR saves MANY more lives than just CPR alone. Its just good stuff to know! ;)

If you have to do CRP on someone and he lives to sue you, he'd have a hard time winning in a court room! He would have been as good as dead if you did nothing and no judge with his head screwed on straight would never convict you for saving the guy even if you cracked a few ribs.

...but then again, strange things happen in courtrooms but you can always appeal!

If you have to do CRP on someone and he lives to sue you, he'd have a hard time winning in a court room! He would have been as good as dead if you did nothing and no judge with his head screwed on straight would never convict you for saving the guy even if you cracked a few ribs.


There are good samaritan laws that protect rescuers who are acting out of the kindness of their heart, in other words, paid EMTs and firefighters are not protected by these laws and doctrines. The specifics vary from state to state.
If you are doing proper CPR, you will almost certainly crack ribs.
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Been there, done that. Such a major bummer, and it was true to the posts here >>> the guy didn't live & in retrospect it just gave the family / witnesses time to process what the ER doc's would say >>> DOA. Sorry.
I wouldn't dream of being sued over it, but wouldn't put it past some folk.
It was a full year before I got over it >>> Did I do enough compressions ? Did I do them hard enough / too hard ? Did I remember to check for a pulse in that time ? It was all for naught. The guy's heart had exploded.
But doing what you can is vitally important.
If you think survivor's guilt is bad, be the poor sap with a conscience that did nothing.
Yeah, Research. It seems that under normal circumstances the blood is sufficiently oxygenated to prevent brain death for several minutes-provided it is kept circulating.
The heart association was always 30/2; the red cross just made it consistent with them and the science.