Considering some springboards


Firewood Hack, wanna be tree climber
Jan 1, 2022
Hi Chaps,
Ive been after some spring boards for a while, I contacted my local Axe men association that do the wood chopping events at the local shows, but never heard back from them, was hoping to have gotten something local or at least in aust.
I have a few trees I dont trust to climb, or put a tie in point in them, nothing nearby either, I dont want to back the ute up to them, or use a ladder, so spring boards it is.

Westcoast has a sale on at the moment, and Im not sure re how many would be worth getting, I was thinking of 3 toes to make my own boards.
Two might just be enough to get to position and height, but 3 would offer more versatility.

Those of you using boards how many do you find useful, appreciate your opinions.


I had a set I made but they got lost in a move somehow. Sean uses them somewhat often, I think. Two is the minimum I would recommend, three or four you can build a tree fort and hang out. Lol
This thread had some nice pics of some.
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Thanks for the Ebay link, but the conversion rate and shipping to Au was, well ive run out of kidneys to donate :).

the westcoast ones are 86 each au, which is quite affordable, and I dont need to sell off my dyslexic dalmation photo set to cover it.

Why would someone use springboards rather than spurs? If the answer is 'a logger has springboards', what's the workflow like in a logging operation? You're out in the backcountry. You have your saw, fuel/oil, miscellaneous logging stuff... Where are the springboards? Seems like a lot of weight to carry 'just in case'. Truck might be a long way off...
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See my first post.

If your spurring a tree, and would need a lanyard to do so, if your dropping a tree and you want to de ass the area quickly, being on spurs with lanyard is not an option.
I'm having trouble deciding which is the worse scenario. Let's say you're 3m up on springboards. Bailing out at that height is sketchy, especially in rough terrain. Could end up with a life changing/ending injury, but you're out of the tree fast(incapacitated with a tree coming down on top of you?)

Contrasted to being on spurs. Slower to get out of the tree, but a controlled descent is possible. A non stoppered prusik and/or a non locking biner would aid in extraction. Might be able to slide down the tree(keelhauled!). Maybe not if there's a lot of rot for the spurs to bury in and hangup the lanyard. Not sure...
@davidwyby found this older thread :). Might be of interest.