Conifer ID


Headache !
Aug 12, 2006
Hi. I think Pines / Spruce / Fir, etc. are my most challenging area of ID.
Are there any good books / references floating around out there that'd help me ?
Thanx !!!
Try this Theresa,

"Trees in Canada" and or "Trees of Northern United States & Canada" both by John Laird FARRA. You might be able to view each at a library or book store before buying. I bought the "Trees in Canadian" book, found that it relates more to the trees in OUR area Eh! ;)

Let us know how you make out.

Bob (HC)
This is simple but do you know the Pine Spruce Fir acronym (SPF)?
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You Canuks are just too friggin' backwards in your talk.:/:
S is Spruce, needles are Square in cross section, like if you cut it in half.
P is Pine, needles are always in Pairs.
F is Fir, needles are Flat in cross section.
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... and now I know. (subject to repeating this ditty a dozen-or-three times !)
Thanks, Herr Mike !
There are a few that don't fit, like Hemlock or Yew, but it helps when you just don't know a tree off hand, at least you know if it's a Pine, Spruce or Fir.
white pine 5
pitch pine 3
but the exceptions are always the easiest!

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I went on a camp-out in the 5th grade up in the thumb of Michigan. I learned more then, than I ever have about Pines & such...
Whites 5
Jack 2
Indians = so much smarted than whiteies.
That's all I retained.
RC Hosie native trees of canada and trees in canada by john FARRAR. :D

both good. also trees of north america and europe, Phillips.