Compact log loader Truck

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I saw a snap of it somewhere recently, but I can't remember where. I think it would be nice on the back of a new 5500 Ram, but that's just me. I used a small metavic behind my Kubota one winter, a very well made and handy machine. There is a like new Blue Ox on the FF for $30k, retails for $51k.:O If you've got a heavy truck that'll move a lot of tree parts.

If you want to go cheap, check out the f550s that propane companies have to lift the tanks onto the back of the truck.
The crane/loader fits behind the cab, and seems to be a good set-up
Those loaders are rubbish. They look like a blacksmith made them. Kevin, those euro loaders you emailed me are MUCH better.
Do you want a folding loader? If you want to have the convenience of a folding crane without having to remove the grapple, you need a Z crane, like the Lasco.
Personaly, I'm always happy to stow my loader across the top of the timber.

A 19500# truck would take a big loader (10tm) easily.

I just bought a 6 wheeler with tandem drive rear, its very compact for a 54000# truck.