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I'm new to this site I cut mostly in the winter in MN. When it gets down around 0 I was wondering what you pro's use for bar lube. The regular bar oil seems very stiff to me.
I use Stihl winter bar oil in the winter and Stihl summer bar oil in the summer. No problemos for me. Welcome to the site.8)
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I'm back, had to run to the store for some fried chicken and mashed taters and gravy.

My name is Rob. I used some 10-30 moter oil the other day temp was -5 seemed to pour about the same consistancy as Bailey's motion lotion in the summer.
Let's see if I remember this right. Kerosene can be added to the regular Sthil bar oil to thin it out.

I mix the two grades Sthil grades together for cold weather cutting but I don't do much work in sub zero degree weather . Zero and above yes.

Personally, I think the winter grade Sthil oil is a little to thin for my taste. The consistency and flow from the bottle from mixing the two oils is about right to me for cold weather work. The oil tank is also picking up heat from the engine which is another reason why I don't use the winter grade straight from the jug. .
I use the ole' walmart oil, summer and winter. in the winter time i keep the jug in the front of the truck to keep it warm. seems as though they may have changed thier formula because it doesnt seem to get as thick this yr as it has in yrs past.
I am far from a pro, but I can say that the Husky Veg-Oil works very well both winter and summer....:D

It also helps if your oiler have a marginal capasity.

I am sure there are other veg-oils that are just as good, but I can't name them.
Just thin the oil down with kerosene, be careful using motor oil. This will be flung off the bar and not do what bar oil does, it doesn't have the sticky agents in it. Remember bar oil cleans, cools, and lubes.
I agree with Mike... I wouldn't use motor oil either. Motor oil has no tacky stuff in it to stick to the chain.

Use a good quality winter blend bar oil. Stihl, Husqvarna, and yes even the stuff from Wal-mart comes in Winter blend.

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Thanks for the info guys, I didn't think of the sticking agent in the bar oil. I hope the next time I go out it will be a little warmer.