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Jul 24, 2005
attached is for Jeff, re the effects of harsh side pruning. Read what happened when the boy went for the glittering gear. major pain not being able to attach docs or pdf's.:D

“These two growths are conks of the fungus Ganoderma lucidum. They are a sign of decay.” I tapped the bark around them with my rubber hammer, and the hollow “Thud” resonated in the pit of my stomach, causing that pie to ferment a little bit. The bark gave way easily, so I excavated some spongy wood until I found solid wood just inside.

The two buttress roots below the conks were not damaged from construction of the patio, but they did not sound as solid as the others. I saw a new root growing between them. I looked up and saw that major limbs had been removed some time ago, judging by the big thick rings of callus tissue around the hollow wounds on the trunk. “Your tree is in poor condition”, I told her, waving at Arbor Cop as he parked near the street. “If you decide to keep it, there are ways to lessen its problems, and we can keep an eye on its condition. Either way its days are numbered, and you definitely want to move the seesaw and get that broken branch removed. This patio looks a lot older than those branch wounds—is it?”

“Yes, the former owners told me all about the house’s history. The patio was built in the 1970’s, while the branches were pruned in the 1990’s. I will be responsible for this decision to keep the tree,
“Me, too” Carrie cut in, “I’d like to know two things. First, why has that Ganoderma fungus infected the roots and the trunk? Second, I know that more branches may need pruning so they do not break, and I know that topping is bad. So should the branches be removed back to the trunk instead?”

“All pruning is wounding,” I began “but Arbor Cop and I will make certain that pruning will not strain your tree’s health any more. The answer to your first question answers your second question.”

Her blue eyes crinkled in curious consternation. Codit considered me quizzically, as if I was coming down too hard from the sugar buzz I got from the pecan pie. Arbor Cop scratched his head for a minute, then nodded in understanding.

What did Dendro mean? Could pruning have anything to do with basal decay? And what will our team do about limbs breaking? Turn to page Gazillionty twentyteen for the answer.

“I’ve looked through these publications, Detective, but I am stumped” Carrie admitted. “How is branch pruning related to root de-…Oh darling, are you all right?”

Her daughter was crying on the ground next to one end of the seesaw, and her son was walking away from the other, grasping for the glittering gear in Codit’s bag.

“There is your answer” I said as Carrie picked up her daughter, who seemed more surprised than hurt. “The branches and roots of your tree grew in balance, like your children on the seesaw. The roots relied on carbohydrates moving downward for their nutrition, and on auxin, a hormone stimulated by buds on the branches. After all those branches were taken off that side of the tree, the roots crashed like your daughter did when your son got off that side of the seesaw. The decay advanced as it did because the tree’s resources were strained.”
“Detective, I’d like to get more information about all my pecan trees when you return with the results of the soil test.”

“Absolutely” I answered. “And I am glad to see that your daughter is recovering from her crash so much better than your tree has so far.”
Its all about what goes on in Terra Firma! Good healthy Soil and Compost are the answer most times, whats the question?
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Its all about what goes on in Terra Firma! Good healthy Soil and Compost are the answer most times, whats the question?

true but i think we have all seen major branch loss lead to stem tissue death so it's reasonable to think that it can lead to major root death too, as in that pecan.

It's all about dose.
Thats what I meant Tree. Just because you cant see it something doesnt mean it isnt there or happening. In this case the roots have died off and noone noticed until it was too late. What I was getting at was what goes on underground is often times more important than above.