CEU Slacker


Headache !
Aug 12, 2006
What are some ways to get CEU's ?
I know the Arborist News tests are one way.
Are college courses (that pertain to the industry) accepted ?
True confessions : I don't have one CEU to my name.
Go to the workshop sessions at TCIA and you can bag tons of'em.
College course can count quite a bit, but I think they have to be recent, not from way back when.

As Blinky says, conferences are the easiest way to get a whole bunch at once. They ain't always cheap though.
yup tailgate safety meetings count. ANYTHING that can be documented that you have attended that involves learning about anything tree related can count (and first aid courses). College courses I think count by the hour nowadays. I am a CEU whore, I have been certified for almost 5 years and altogether I have 131 CEU's, 50 since I renewed in december 06.
I like the CEU compendia books and cd's because I can use them at home.
if I need a whack of CEU's thats my next purchase, the compendium has good info as well as the bonus of CEU's
Great info in the compendia, yes, and the tests are actually...tests!.

The online seminars are a slacker way to get ceu's--the tests are gimmes. If you want less challenge and less contact with other humans, that's the place to be. There are less infomercials than there used to be, tho.

TC, if you still haven't joined ISA so you can take the Arborist News CEU's (which are a good way to go), there are many other worthwhile ways to get em:


I got enough for all 4 certs in a few months, but keep getting em cuz--the goal is not to hit the magic number and slack off, but rather the goal is to keep learning!