CELOX Hemostat Blood Coagulant

Looks interesting. Perhaps you would still need to carry gauze.
Now that I think about it, you could pour the junk on the wound while in the tree then come down. Makes sense.
It must be FDA approved or they would not be able to sell it in the U.S. The main distributor is in Oregon. I'm gonna check it out. Call my sister the nurse and have her look into it for me.

My blood stopper is made for that, but the reality is that it would be hard to wrap the blood stopper around a wound say on my arm while in the tree. This looks very easy to apply.
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Even for little cuts! Because I take a daily aspirin I bleed like a stuck pig.

I ordered the $23 size.
MB, once the bag is opened, the sterility is gone. Maybe buy a few smaller bags of it?

That little cut like from a handsaw is the worst. But the big cut is bad also.
The little handsaw cut is damm annoying with blood spurting all over my clothes and rope and everything. This stuff would cure that quick.
I usually carry a bandanna, so that makes a quick wound wrap.

I still wonder if this product is completely safe and used here in the states by hospitals and EMS.
Wow. Kind of old news, I thought you guys were high speed. Hey did you know there are these gloves with rubber on the palms too?:P
I've seen this stuff used when I worked in the Forest Circus. A guy cut himself with the chainsaw and had stopped bleeding within just a few minutes. It was pretty incredible.