Castro Resigns

I really doubt that things will change much, his brother is expected to take the reins.
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The Cubans in Miami were a dancin in the street! That said, change if any will be slow. I would love to visit that island.
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Could you take your boat there?

Our boat would make it, no problemo! We would have to re-fuel in Key West then go over from there. Cuba is only 90 miles from Key West.

You would not believe the "boats" some of the Cubans have arrived here on. Now a days though, most get here in big go fast boats captained by human smugglers.
I think that would be an adventure. I wonder if we can start getting some baseball players from there? Also don't they have good coffee growing regions in addition to the cigar tobacco?
Batista, Fidel, Raoul ... What's the diff ?
Hopefully the U.S. can be done with its temper tantrum & we can resume with lining the mafia's pockets & building Cuba back into the beautiful tourist spot it once was.