Bucket truck failure


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Mar 6, 2005
This was at the Buzz, Wow!!! :\:

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Lol I do beleive this is what Butch was trying to post.:P

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I like Butch's video better than Squishers but neither of them had a bucket truck.
Wow. 6 full minutes of video showing a helocopter hovering over the bucket and they didn't film the actual rescue.
Oh, there was a bucket in the helicopter vid? Here I thought it was another screwy link.
It was the proper link of some rescue from a bucket truck failure, but yes boring as all hell.
Silly me. I have no bucket experience but every time I rent a MEWP I wear a harness and take a descent line with me. What was I thinking-it will be so much easier to have a helicopter come and lower a rescuer to me.-Particularly next to transmission lines.
Well,I shinied down the boom of a 42 foot Hi-Ranger once when the danged thing quit on me.The danged groundman seemed to be no where in sight at the time.I could have wrung his skinny little neck.:(