Brown Recluse Spider...spider bite

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Hobby Climber

My cousin sent me the photos of some guy who was bit by a Brown Recluse Spider in Ontario 2 years ago. This is a pic of the spider and the hand that was bit after 10 days! :O

Just be carfull where you place your hands Eh!




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wow. Thats one of the few toxic spiders that are around here. watch out in wood piles and the like!

I think Hobo spider is here also, black wido possible but not too common.

Wicked necrosis!
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I think I may have seen one last year in a customers overgrown back yard! Thought it was just your common garden variety spider. :(

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Thats interesting MB, my cousin led me to believe it occured in Ontario a while back. I'll be sure to email her back & let her know its origin and see what she has to say!:/:


My buddy was bitten in Florida on his back. He went to the doc and he lanced it and said come back on a regular basis to get it treated. My buddy told him I can't afford to pay that bill show me what to do. The doc said you can't do this yourself to which my friend told him yes he could. The doc showed him and he took care of it by looking in a mirror. He was one tough dude.
Black widows are abundant up here Paul. I've been bit before and it was not fun, not life threatening by any means(for me anyways, different people react differently) but extremely painful.
NWS in the title helps those of us who have not had breakfast yet, pal.
My cousin in Oklahoma got bit by one while tearing down some old outbuilding. Spent a month in the hospital.
Brown Recluse, Hobo Spiders, and Black Widows... got 'em all around here.

Needless to say you don't rummage around woodpiles and such without bein' careful... Especially this time of year.

My brother has been bitten by Tarantulas 3 times in the last 10 years.

He was deathly ill every time, but survived. No necrosis to the bite area, but from his description, near full body paralysis (first 12 hours) and full body cramping, along with major nausea and tremendous headaches (for 72 hours).
We have the most dangerous spider in the world. the sydney funnel web can cause death in 15 min. The little bastards wander around at night and will have a go at you any time of the day.


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Slow learner, is he, John?

yeah you could say so.

He used to have over 30 adults and at one time over 300 spiderlings. With that many I suppose he was just playing the odds.
Maybe so, but what did you expect from the thread title? :|:

Duhhh gee, I dunno, maybe a spider bite? Not some huge freaking suppurating festering open wound with necrosis! :|::|::|::|:

How you could fail to see my point is beyond me. But I wont hold it against you :)
So if it said shark bite, would that have been cool? Ha.

But I hear you. I'm was assuming everybody on teh internetz knew about that pic already.
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Sorry for not mentioning the NWS thing Frans, thats why I posted this in the Garage forum!

Thought the would have covered this issue.

I'll be mindfull of this in the future!

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I hear that Frans spits venom and Darin is a biter.:P

Just kidding, :lol:.