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Mar 6, 2005
Ya'll see our newest member? Is it just me, or do ya'll think I'm justified not even wasting my time activating their membership? Crap like that just makes my troll alarm start dinging.

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You know, I could maybe believe that if there was anything filled in on their profile, even IF it's a fricking lie.
That's why you make the big bucks, Butch. Thanks for keeping the forum spam-free.

Absolutely, thanks MB, I went on a diesel engine forum one time for some help with my truck motor and every other thread was an advertisement for viagra or male enhancement.
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And again, If it was all caps I might be led to think it's initials of a company, like SOTC.

I grow suspicious of random, lower case don't GAF about their username names like that.
I figure let a newbie make a post or two, if they turn out to be the fool, swing the axe. :)
how bout no posts in 7 days or idiot noob trolling posts, axe'em? I dont like the zero post baloney, if one doesnt wish to interact, then dont, simply viewing posts is like hanging at a bar or something and just eavesdropping, pretty rude in my book.

is that closer to the point? If not, maybe you could spell it out for us slowpoke folk? :)
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Every morning I check the birthdays and if they are zero posters and it's been more that 2 or 3 months I delete them.
Paul, every day there are new kids coming online that think they can make a fortune by collecting email addresses and selling them to spammers (multi marketing specialists). Many forums do not allow visitors to see email addresses of members, but some allow their members to view email addresses of other members. Therefore you will always have a small but steady stream of new 'members' who have no intention of doing anything but attempting to harvest email addresses of members. The fact that vBulletin forums don't allow that information to be shared is irrelevent, those kids don't know that until after they try it a few times.

There is no good reason to even allow these kids to complete their registration. They have no intention of ever participating.
Every morning I check the birthdays and if they are zero posters and it's been more that 2 or 3 months I delete them.

that's a great way to clean house.

I am glad i posted - So I am not knocking at the door again

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Heck I'm glad ya posted too. Without posts a forum is nothing.

Participate!! All ya fence sitters!!!