Beeline Bridge for BF II

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I rigged up a new bridge for my Butterfly II from 10mm beeline. I still like locking brummels and full length buries on my split tails so I did the same with this bridge.



How am I doing Nick? Critique?

Oh yeah... what's with the different styles of beeline? I've seen tan core (8mm), black core and now green core.
One point of possible major concern. I can't remember right now if the core of that size beeline is the 1/4" Yalex or is it 3/8" yalex (or it might be PE-12). If it is 1/4", you are climbing on a bridge of only 2500 pounds. If it is 3/8, then you're good strength wise. Either way, the splice you have shown is not the splice that yale recommends for that rope. Though in theory, you've just made a single braid eye-eye sling then covered it up. Just be aware that you are straying from what ANSI says you're allowed to be doing.

From the picture it looks very very clean. Do the tails overlap inside to give you consistent diameter? If they don't overlap, how long are the tails inside?

Regarding the different core colors. The 8mm is a totally diffrent rope. It has a vectran core that is super strong. The smaller diameter beeline actually has a significantly higher strength rating than the 10mm beeline. The 10mm (that you've used) has a polyester (it's yalex, actually) core. The yalex is maxijacket coated at the factory. I'm not sure if they are color coding that based on year, run, etc...or if it is just whatever color they had available that day, but it's all the same fiber, just coated different colors.

Where'd you get the beeline from, I haven't seen any with a red strand yet.

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That's just great,thanks for cluing me in but you ruined my day... I used beeline because I thought the core was supposed to be a Technora/Polyester blend... if I'd wanted simple 12 strand polyester I would have used tenex and covered it with some leftover jacket... I thought that core material felt like tenex. Crap, I'm pissed! They shouldn't call it all beeline if they change the materials with the diameter. That's screwy.

The splice is a standard tenex eye-eye splice (Samson instructions); locked brummels with the tails tapered and overlapped, the diameter is nice and consistant... I've been working on getting that part just right. This is actually the third bridge like this I made, the first was too long and the second had a little thin spot in the middle. Damn! It's just the right diameter for a bridge, it rides like a charm.

What I like is Vectran for a core but beeline has the nicest jacket for a bridge. I need a 10mm cord with a hollow braid Vectran core and a nice soft, smooth but durable jacket. Any suggestions? Hell, where can i buy straight hollow braid vectran? I've got lots of leftover jacket. What do you think of making two small bridges from HRC core (Vectran, right?) and slipping the beeline jacket over them and whipping it down? ...or is the 10mm beeline jacket not Technora? OY! I'm confusing myself.

The green core stuff came from Sherrill's. I'm pretty sure the core is 1/4".

The red strand is new on me too. I bought some from Fresco at TCIA Expo with no red strand and the core was black... it didn't feel like polyester, I assumed it was Technora. This is some of it, my first attempt splicing jacketed hollow braid so it's not pretty...


So is that black core Yalex too?
I think that black is polyester. Do you have any scraps left? Try to burn it. Technora doesn't melt. It goes straight to char. Vectran is the same. Polyester, nylon, polypro, dyneema will melt and glob.

Sorry to ruin your day....but it's better to learn now!

The beeline cover is a blend. The yellow/gold stuff is technora. Black (and red) is polyester. HRC is a vectran core with a vectran/pbo blended cover (if I'm remembering right). Honestly, I don't think it'd be a bad idea to make an HRC bridge, then cover it with a piece of beeline cover.

This place sells yales vectran hollowbraid by the foot: Mauri's. You should also google NER's V-12 and Samsons Validator.

The small diameter beeline is a vectran core. You could also cover that with a big beeline cover.

Have you seen the bridges I make?

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Yep, I've seen your bridges, that's what prompted me to make one. I don't have anything against buying a bridge, I just like making my own stuff. Splicing is kind of meditative for me... unless it's frickin' 16 strand.

Thanks for the help.
You could make a 16 strand bridge! Pull the core and overlap the tails!!!

I like your double covered beeline idea, though.

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It's not handy but I'm pretty sure it's 14-1/2" center to center of the eyes.
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Nope i was wrong, 14-1/2 is my knotted rope bridge. You were right, exactly 12". Good eyes!
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Yale's brochure says 3/8" beeline has a breaking strength of 7500#. Is it the splice that reduces my bridge strength to 2500#?

Ps. You need to clean out your PM inbox.
Blinky, it isn't your splice that reduces the strength, it's the fact that the eyes are only made of the core. The 7500 rating is for the whole rope, the core and cover combined. The outer braid contributes much of the strength.

For the style of splice you're using, you have to look at the rating of the core by itself since the outer braid is no longer carrying any of the weight load.
Hi guys,

I'll be up front with you, I don't know jack about splicing! But if you like the beeline jacket but are looking for a very strong core...what about just using a bit of that "Amsteel" line???

The book indicates that a 5/16" diameter has a tensile strength of 13,700 lbs. Melts at 290 degrees and sells for under $2.00 a foot!

Just a thought from someone who doesn't know what hes talking about!;)

What do you think, could this work?

While Nick is off building Frans a bridge and sending it to him via priority:P , I'd still like to hear what you guys think about using that Amsteel line as a core for a bridge!

I bought the replacement bridge from Sherrill and it has held up well, not sure what its made of but seems to be stronger than the original. But I'm sure its more fun building one.
Bob, Because the Amsteel has a relatively low melting point and I am such a hot dude I will abstain from using it for a bridge. I like burning bridges but not while they are supporting me.
Stumper is actually spot-on in his assesment. Amsteel doesn't like heat, and by it's very nature, bridges are near places where the rope runs. I would stay away from amsteel or any other dyneema/spectra line here. Stick with the other high mods or polyester/nylon.