Beeline 10mm


Jun 25, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
hi all now im having a bit of troblem finishing the splice on 10mm beeline, i taper it as per yales instructrions. 4,4,5 and repeat but it is extremly tight once i run it home and i can hardly lock stitch it where i should be. the core is orange, is there something im not doing right???
Are you using the industrial double braid instructions?

I find some double braids are very tight. to help i massage it a lot, bend it a lot, get a rubber mallet and lightly pummell it on a smooth surface.

what needles are you using to push the whipping through. I use sailmakers needles froma yacht chandelers anda sail makers palm.

The neeldes are super tough with a flattened out end. they take a push from a paulm well and they can be pulled with pliers if need be.

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yeah thats the one when you do them is it tight once it is finished?? yes i use sail makers needles and sailers palm, what taper do you do on it james???
i whip lock it 3 strands from the eye.
i massage a lot which i find helps, i've never done 10mm beeline but i find most double braids are tight. i pusha nd it goes