Beach Rolly vrs. Wheel-eze

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As some of you know, I am going on a rec. climb next week. Part of it is hiking up a dirt road a distance.

I wanted a cart to haul my junk with. In looking at the beach rolly, I noticed that the wheels are very small so it does not like to go over sticks, logs, ditches, etc. Also the beach rolly is expensive.

I bought the wheel-eze. Got the idea from a kayak friend who uses the kayak model to haul his boat on the beach.
The cart folds up so it fits into the trunk of a car easily and will haul about 165 pounds over any terrain.


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That looks like something the astronauts used on the moon.

Here's what I use, lol.


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Actually Nick. the directions say to melt the outside of the tire at the point of puncture, and smear the melted PVC over the puncture, let dry and viola! Patched tire.

They are strong. My friend has dragged his kayak over some brutal rocks at the Lost Coast without any problems or leaks.
MB, I love your wagon, cant wait to buy my little guy his first little red wagon, not sure what he will haul in it but heck, your tree gear in yours is a good aspiration! :D
I bought a little red wagon,Radio flyer about like this one after my son was born in '73 .About 40 bucks then . We hauled the kid around,diaper bag,bottles blankets etc and one giggly little kid .

When my daughter came ,same thing .It since then has went through two grand children and has enough life left in it for several more . I think it resides in my son's garage at the moment


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those wagons are too tippy and wont go over logs, rock, etc.