Arborwear Clearance


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Jun 11, 2005
Al Bird A
The local climbing shop is clearing out their arborwear pants and shorts. They started carrying them after seeing the arborwear booth at an outdoor trade show and haven't had much luck with them. I told them I'd help them out by listing them on here. Here is a list of what they have as well as contact info. They are more than happy to ship. Prices are in Canadian dollars although its pretty much equal with the US dollar these days.

Awesome Adventures said:
Here are the Arbourwear pants that we have left
Model Size Color Price
Jeans 36 X 34 Blue 30.00
(w/dbl knees) 34 X 32 (3pr.) Blue 30.00
34 X 30 Blue 30.00
36X 30 Blue 30.00

Tech Pant 32 X 32 (2pr) Navy 55.00
34 X 32 Navy 55.00
32 X 32 Green 55.00
34 X 32 Green 55.00

Tech Shorts 36 (2pr) 35.00
32 35.00

Original Pant 36 X 32 (2pr) Grey 40.00
34X 32 Brown 40.00
36X 32 Brown 40.00
36X 34 Green 40.00
36X 32 Green 40.00

Thanks for being willing to list them for us.
You can give them our phone # 403 328-5041, or email
I think I remember getting a couple pair of tech pants once. They are not well suited for Florida heat and humidity. I found them horribly uncomfortable and not worth 5X the cost of denim work pants from Wally World. I had one pair of regular Arborwear jeans that got a hole when they were 3 months old. I patched them up but they didn't wear well and they always looked to be in much worse condition than they actually were. Eventually I was embarrassed to wear them any more and I threw them away. My $15 Wally World pants looked better and more professional. I probably got 12-15 wearings out of the Arborwear pants.
I'd love to swagger around in some ArborWear Tech's. Dang.... Ssssssssst HOT !!!
Lookitme, lookitme !!!
My brother Kristian wears nothing but Arborwear Tech & swears by them. Sez he can move around well et all. Cool !!!
hmm, I am wearing the tech pants you sent me last year Ben, they sure are comfy!
Fit wise the ones I have are 34x32, my regular size is 32x34, these are baggy on me and the length is fine.

I have had and still have the regular arborwear pants too. I get about a year out of them wearing them 3 to 4 days a week doing all kinds of work with all kinds of tools. They wear out for me at the top of the 'thigh panel' part, I have had cuts and tears in them that didnt migrate at all but they are kinda heavy in warm or humid weather thats fersure.
Those prices are close to dealer cost, a 'lil bit higher. I get 'em cheap from a friend;) Been wearing the regular double fronts for something like 7-8 years. Love 'em, never had any durability problems.
Butch there was a guy at our competition last year that probably wore 40x28. Maybe 5'9" and well over 200lbs. He didn't make the Masters but he was competitive and finished well up in the field. Just shows to go ya....
it's mostly muscle thanks to my rock climbing years.

Is that gut or muscle? If it's the latter I tip my hardhat to you!!! :rockon:

i could use a couple inches in the middle but it's my winter will be gone in a month or so.

i like those carharts myself.been using them lately with great results.