acting bear kills trainer

Paul B

I dig hammocks.
Mar 6, 2005
Burnaby BC

look out !

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I'll never own anything that can kill you. snakes, bears, or tigers. Plus a bunch of other stuff too.
big bear

near my site when it happened here in california.If your gonna be a bear be GRIZZLY

BEARS,LIONS,SNAKES,SHARKS are not play toys for our amusement.More dangerous than chunkin down a 5' diameter pondo here!
I will be Aug 30th. I understand your comments. She born and raised south Philly and has a bit of a tempter good thing I'm a bit slowerin mood. She hasn't thrown anything at me yet. Working with wild and unpredictable animals is more dangerous than our job because they just turn. Has anyone seen the video of the poor trainer who was doing an interview and the bear was sitting next to her and just leans over and starting mauling her? Its funny but in a way its not....